Is this the best video slot to start with ? – Who’s the Bride video slot review

Who’s the Bride is a NetENT creation slot that surprisingly has only 9 pay-lines. Irrespective of that, this slot has a success ratio of one in every four spins. This mix of lesser pay-lines and more wins has both it’s up and downs, but it’s guaranteed to keep you staring at the reels after every spin.

The graphics on this slot are basic with a “bride in a dressing room” theme to it. Characters in the slot include bridal jewelry, luxurious lamps, fancy tea cups and so on.

Here’s a quick rundown of the slot,

Number of Reels: 5
Pay-lines : 9
Minimum Bet : 9p
Max Bet: £28
Free Spins : 12 – 17

Why is this slot recommended for beginners?
Well, among the long list of video slots available, Who’s the Bride is probably the one among the few slots who’ve kept the pay-lines relatively simple. It’s easy to keep up with the slot and has a single bonus round which is pretty straight forward.

Free spins
Where’s the bride features an “Ingot” symbol (gold) as its wild scatter. If 3-5 of such wild scatters appear on the reels, a bonus round is triggered which feature free spins. 12 spins is what a player initially gets and if here triggers 5 wild sticky symbols an additional 5 spins are allotted to the player.

Jackpots of upto 2500 the stake can be triggered if 5 wild scatter symbols appear on the reels. 4x/25x multipliers come into play if 3/4 willd scatters appear on the reels respectively.

Here’s a preview of the slot,

As the title suggests, this is a fairly simply video slot with a decent RTP of 96.82%. One in 4 spins ideally gives gives you a win, but that doesn’t mean it’s always profit. Wins need not result in profit unless you hit the bonus round early. The free spins concept is pretty straight forward with 12 spin guaranteed and an extra 5 spins for a sticky wild combo.

What are your favorite slots? Which slots would you recommend for beginners? Post your thoughts and recommendations below.

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