Nevada Gaming Authorities Give Green Light for Skill-Based Slot Machines

Gamblers in Nevada have something new to look forward to with the state’s gaming commission approving changes in regulations that govern slot games. Slot machines in the state will now be able to offer games that have an element of skill, making them more than only games of chance. These changes were made possible when the Senate Bill 9 was passed earlier in the year to direct the gaming industry to look for innovative ways and develop new technologies to get more people to start gambling and gaming.

Gaming equipment manufacturers are expected to respond to this move wholeheartedly by developing slot machines that combine skill with chance. As a matter of fact, some of the leading game manufacturers have indicated that they will showcase brand new products that conform to the new regulations at the Global Gaming Expo scheduled to take place in Las Vegas in September. The new slot games will most likely be available in casinos before the year is out.

The gaming industry has welcomed the new development wholeheartedly because it will help draw in new customers. In fact, the Association of Gaming Equipment Manufacturers has had a very important role to play in bringing about the proposed changes in the industry, which are actually long overdue. As the largest organisation representing the slots industry, it is no surprise that the association has been able to usher the changes in.

The demographic of gamblers is aging steadily and the industry needs to be able to attract young players who have very different expectations from casinos. This is an especially big problem in the slot games segment because these games are perceived to be played exclusively by old people. In the words of G2 Game Design’s CEO, Gregg Giuffria, this represents an evolution in the gaming industry. Slot earnings in Nevada have reduced 5% over the past decade and this is a major source of concern for the industry. The recession has also played a major role in reducing the earnings from the slot games industry.

The new generation of slot games is expected to be very popular with young players because they have practically grown up playing video games. These games are unlikely to require very high levels of skill and the standard will be very basic, especially at the beginning. In the new generation of slot machines, extra points will be awarded if the player can win games of skill, dexterity or knowledge. They will therefore, be able to draw young people away from their gaming devices and into casinos.

Games will also have different levels of difficulty in order to accommodate players of differing skill levels. It is also expected that some games will enable group play, exactly like the multi-player video games. New Jersey is following Nevada’s lead in taking up the new generation of skill based slot machines. The industry is definitely moving in a positive direction and it is expected that these changes will help bolster the sagging revenues.

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