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mobile-casino-slot-machineEver since the evolution of smart phones, online gaming has grown by leaps and bounds. The mobile slot gaming space has become more popular than ever. Online gambling via tablets and smart phones is becoming a new trend among gamblers. The year 2013 had been very productive for the overall industry and it is expected that 2014 is going to surpass the previous year’s record and create a new one.

Increased Pace of Growth in 2014

Various reports suggest that the year 2014 will mark the beginning of maturity for the online slot gaming industry. After an exponential growth in the year 2013, the pace is going to hold for this year too.

Since the recession of 2008-09, the online gaming industry was struck hard by various factors. The year 2013 was important for a lot of reasons. This was the year where the online slot games emerged as the biggest revenue makers among all other online businesses.

A rough estimate predicts that the volume of yearly revenue for this industry is close to $30 billion. The year-on-year revenue increase for last year stands at 2.5%. The mobile technology will ensure that this growth keeps rising in the coming years. As the global economy stabilises in the coming few years, it is expected that the growth of mobile slot games will be a lot higher than it is now.

A Convenient Communication

With the continuous innovation of smart phones, the mobile platform as a whole has undergone drastic changes. The mobile platform has made it possible for people to enjoy casino on the fly. No matter where you are, you can get your favourite game and earn money through them via mobile slot games.

The online gambling companies have been instrumental too. Hefty bonuses and joining offers have made customers glued to their mobile screens. The mobile slot games are actually giving you a shot to be a millionaire.

You Have a Real Shot to Be a Millionaire

Only recently the biggest win of online gambling was reported. Winning millions on mobile slots and online casinos on the mobile platform is no more a myth. The person who pulled off this amazing miracle said in an exclusive interview that he started the game with a mere $50. That too it came as part of a birthday gift.

This person won millions from his iPhone. This would have been hard to imagine even a few years back. The reason why people can dream of winning such huge sums is largely because of tremendous technical development in the field of mobile technology.

Apart from it, online games have become a lot more transparent over the course of the last half a decade. Today, it is possible to play live casino from mobile without actually hitting the casino for real. The experience is equally entertaining to that of a physical casino. Live 3D experiences are making the whole exercise fun and joyful.

Start of a Huge Growth

Every industry grows astronomically after a slump. The same holds true for online slot games too. Gone are those days when people used to rush to casinos to prove their luck every night. With the latest apps, gambling on slots and other games such as Roulette is possible within minutes.

Apart from a good connectivity, smart phones and tablets have very good graphics support and clear resolution to help you enjoy a glitch free online casino experience. Even online casino companies are coming with websites that are sleek and enjoyable. Although most online websites are graphics heavy, it doesn’t affect the playing experience at all. Good online connectivity will ensure that you can play the game without any hassle.

Future Lies in Bitcoin

Although bitcoin started as an underground resource to make money and bet on them, it only became legit when some reputed companies started questioning about them. Bitcoin started with an initial valuation of $13/coin but increased to more than $1,000 by the end of 2013.

No wonder this is going to be the future of online gambling. The combination of bitcoin gambling and high speed smart phone can be a killer one that mutually supports each other. If this is the case, bitcoin can well become the highest currency commodity the world has ever seen.

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