Regulator Suspends Stakers

Another online gambling operator in the UK has been sanctioned by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) following the announcement of a review into its business.

The UKGC has suspending the licence of Stakers, which had provided sports betting and online casino gaming products to the UK market. The suspension is reportedly the result of a failure of compliance, although the regulator has not given specific information.

In its statement on the suspension of Stakers, the UKGC emphasised that it was the result of the launch of a review that is being conducted under the Gambling Act 2005, section 116. But the suspension has been imposed with immediate effect, which means that the operator is unable to provide any betting service to customers through their website.

The UKGC have also instructed the operator to ensure that all customers are able to access their existing accounts, in order to take out funds, and to advise customers not to attempt to make any further bets through the site.

To date, the UKGC has not outlined the full details of the suspected breach, although it has referred to the relevant sections of the Gambling Act that gives it the right to take action and review any licence held by any operator. This is outlined in section 116, which says that the UKGC can conduct such a review if it suspects that activities have been undertaken that depend on the possession of a licence but that are in breach of the licence conditions. The UKGC also has the right to carry out a review should it suspect that a license holder may be in a position not to be able to carry out its duties and responsibilities according to the terms of the license.

In recent months, the UKGC has taken action repeatedly against operators that are in breach of their licence conditions, against a backdrop of criticism of the industry from media and political figures.

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