NetEnt Reel Rush 2 – Eye-candy experience with over 3000 ways to win

NetEnt’s Reel Rush 2 is played over 5 reels and offers upto 3,125 paylines. With a playable range of 20p to £100, Reel Rush 2 can be played across all types of devices – desktop, mobiles and tablets. Packed with features, NetEnt’s Reel Rush 2 offers clever ways to unlock extra wilds, re-spins, Super Tokens and much more. 

NetEnt Reel Rush 2 – Overview

Before we jump into a detailed look at NetEnt’s Reel Rush 2, let’s take a look at the overall game information:

  • Number of reels: 5
  • Paylines: Upto 3,125
  • Playable range: 20p to £100
  • Jackpot: Upto 200
  • Bonus Rounds: Upto 11

As we can see, Reel Rush 2 is loaded with different ways to earn big wins, so let’s take a deeper look at it.

Visual theme and symbols

The visuals in Reel Rush 2 look heavily inspired by games like Candy Crush. Colorful and cute, the overall game speed is fast and the overall experience is visually engaging. The background music also adds to a mobile game experience.

The symbols used in Reel Rush 2 are 6 types of fruit and wild symbols. There’s no royal suite symbols in this slot game, which means NetEnt is staying faithful to the Candy Crush theme it has implemented, but at the same time, offering multiple ways for players to win big.

The wild symbol appears on reels 2, 3, 4 and 5; not reel number 1. The wild symbol replaces other symbols to help players achieve a winning combination. By getting matching symbols, Reel Rush 2 offers more than 3,000 ways to win. The strawberry symbol offers the highest value among all symbols.

Features galore!

NetEnt Rush Reel 2 offers upto 8 features which are randomly activated from the main game itself. Let’s take a look at the features it offers:

  • Random wilds – When this feature is activated, upto 3 wild symbols appear, providing players a chance to achieve winning combinations.
  • Block Break – Once this feature is activated, upto 4 blocks are uncovered on the side reels and these reels expand using the same pattern.
  • Second Chance – In case a player doesn’t achieve any winning combination, Second Chance is activated and the reels go through one more spin. 
  • Symbol Multiplier – Except for the wild symbol, a random fruit symbol would be activated with the multiplier feature – offering 5x, 10x, 15x or 20x.
  • Symbol Upgrade – This feature is activated when all the reels stop and a symbol is selected to transform itself to the highest value symbol, resulting in a high probability of massive payouts.
  • Multiple Boost – This feature enables a progressive multiplier rate (increase by 1) to increase payouts.
  • Extra Super Tokens – In this feature, upto 15 extra tokens are added to the Super Token meter. 
  • Free Spins – This feature is activated when 2 blocks are unlocked and then the Free Spins meter will fill up with one star. Once the meter is filled with stars, then the feature is activated. 
  • Super Free Spins – Once the token meter is filled with atleast 2,000 tokens, then the Super Free Spins feature is activated. Players can also buy Super Tokens to fill up the meter and players also have the option to gamble on the Super Tokens to win more. Players can also begin utilizing this feature with 8 super free spins.
  • Extra Free Spins – Once this feature is activated, the player gets one more free spin to continue adding to the total payout amount.

Video walkthrough

Now let’s take a look at how an online player won big in Reel Rush 2. From 00:32 onwards, we see the player racking up massive wins, with the Reel Rush 2 meter filling up to the left of the reel. We can also see the Free Spins meter filling up to the right of the reel as well. As the wins accumulate, it’s easy to see why Reel Rush 2 offers an eye candy experience, with multiple colors popping out frequently! At 01:12, the Free Spins feature is activated, with the option to upgrade to Super Free Spins. The player goes ahead and buys 2000 Super Tokens, filling up the Super Token meter. Once the Super Free Spins feature is activated, we see the multiplier rate increasing steadily and at 02:22, we see the player visibly excited to reach 6x!

Closing thoughts
NetEnt’s Reel Rush 2 is an eye-catching experience, with multiple ways to win big and progressive multipliers adding to the fun and addictive element of this slot game. With a medium to high variance, players can win upto 5,000 times the stake. The overall experience can be overwhelming, but it’s really fun and exciting. A solid release from NetEnt!

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