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scarface-slot-imageAre you a movie buff? Do you enjoy watching movies and talking about them all the time with your friends and family? Is Al Pacino one of your favourite timeless characters? If yes, here is something that is made exclusively for you.

The Scarface Video Slot game is inspired from the famous movie character Al Pacino and showcases the legendary life of Tony Montana. Net Entertainment has developed this marvellous game in collaboration with Universal. The game brings the iconic movie back to life and gives fans a reason to re-live their favourite moments from the movie.

Game Inspiration

Since the game is inspired from Tony Montana and the timeless classic movie, all elements of the game are in sync with the movie. You will hear movie dialogues in the background. You will see movie elements as symbols on your screen, and even have mysteries just like the movie.

The famous line from the movie, “Say hello to my little friend!” has been used extremely innovatively in the game and it reminds you of the famous sequence in the movie. The game also showcases all the elements that created the movie like money, power and women.

Game Features

Scarface Video Slot has five-reels with 20 pay lines. It is not a progressive jackpot game, but offers a maximum win of 20,000 coins in the jackpot. You can earn $10,000 as jackpot money while playing this exciting game.

Quite a few wild symbols and free spins are offered during the game, however, the multiplier and scatter symbol are not present in Scarface. The betting range in this game is from $0.20 up to $100. You also get a bonus game if you are lucky!

Game Bonuses and Free Spins

Wild symbols are used effectively in this game to bring the movie to life. Wild symbols occur on the second, third or fourth reel and when the entire reel is filled with wild symbols, you will get nudge wilds, bonus games or free spins.

Nudge wilds occur when the second reel is filled with wild symbols while you get a bonus game if the third reel is filled with wild symbols. Here, you encounter Tony when the wild symbol flips and you can enjoy a thrilling gun shooting scene.

You get 15 free spins when the wild symbol comes in the fourth reel. This multiplies your chances of winning extra coins and making lots of money while playing this adventurous game of Scarface.

Game Software

Powered by Net Entertainment along with Universal, the game has been developed meticulously to make your playing experience impeccable. Each aspect of the game has been given deep thought and therefore, you can enjoy the game seamlessly without any flaw.

The music, graphics, animation and spins all are well designed to make your movie gaming experience an ultimate one. For those who loved this movie and enjoy gangster-based themes, this one will surely captivate your senses.

Game Pleasures

The best part about playing a slot game is the amount of money you can make without having to implement too many strategies. The game continues on its own and keeps making you richer. All you need is some coins and good luck to get started. If you would like to experience this game before you start playing with real money, you can also play the trial version and then decide to start playing for real.

The overall interface and experience has been crafted to replicate the movie and it has been executed extremely well. Every player will enjoy the thrill and excitement of the game and re-live his love for the famous Tony Montana.

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