Spanish Plan to Fight Sports Corruption

A major new campaign to fight sports betting corruption has been launched in Spain as part of the government’s ongoing attempts to tackle abuses of the gambling sector.

CONFAD, the Spanish organisation that is charged with combatting sports manipulation and fraud has set out its action plan for 2020/2021, which consists of 21 directives that have been designed to help safeguard the integrity of all Spanish sports.

The action plan will be overseen by Spain’s Consumer Affairs Ministry. The Ministry is seeking to bolster what it describes as the key areas for protecting the integrity of Spanish sport at all levels, including analysis of trends, awareness of sports integrity issues, control and monitoring of the interaction between sports and betting and the overall regulatory framework.

Supporting the CONFAD directives, the Consumer Affairs Ministry have announced that their action plan will be put into practice by the gambling industry regulator, the DGOJ, which will also co-ordinate with the country’s National Sports Council, the federal police force and the Guardia Civil.

CONFAD and its government counterparts will be working together to improve understanding of competition fraud and threats to integrity, related to betting, across all Spanish professional sports. Part of this push will include initiatives to develop a training programme for athletes, coaches and other stakeholders on identifying potential integrity risks and criminal activities.

The action plan also aims to improve the way that organisations monitor sports integrity and the handling of reporting of suspicious events. Improvements in the methods of data transfer and cooperation frameworks between the various sports clubs, betting operators, police agencies and government departments will also be part of the plan.

In addition, CONFAD and its government counterparts will be working to ensure that Spain’s legal framework is sufficiently robust to ensure the proper prosecution of sports integrity criminal cases. According to the organisation, the changes have become necessary as the manipulation of sports tournaments through betting fraud is constantly evolving.

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