Technology Reality vs. Superstitions in Slot Machines


Winning and losing is part of the Mississippi casino circle. The game of chance is simply unpredictable. At times, a player gets lucky and other times he is not. Yet many people think otherwise. It is a wide belief among the Mississippi casino circle that luck has a major say in winning and losing. Lucky charm, the folks here think can change the luck of a person when it comes to casino.

In their endeavour of winning, players across Mississippi throng to 12 casinos around the area. While some dream of winning the jackpot, some only think about recovering their lost money. Whatever the scene is, casinos in these areas make a handsome turnover of $1 billion every month.

Every casino has some myth attached to it. Some believe that bull is the good luck charm for Bootown Casino. The marketing manager of the casino was quoted as saying that every player drops a dollar or a quarter of a dollar at the feet of the bull.

The casino uses this fund for charity and as part of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The money is taken out from the bull’s feet once every quarter. There are many ways in which players kick off their session. While some tap the glass, others just touch it before getting started. While there are others who take scientific approaches.

Frequent gamblers say that there is no such thing called as luck. It is simply about being at the right place at the right time. A player only wins with instincts and years of practice. At times it is about intuition says Stephen Grimes, a very frequent gambler in this region. “A player should always look out for bonus rounds”, says Stephen. According to him, his success recipe in the casino space has been a mix of all the qualities mentioned above.

Many new games have come and disappeared from the market. The primary reason for failure of any new game is the absence of bonus related rounds. There are many games that only start their bonus round after 100 spins. No wonder they did not become successful or popular among gamblers.

That being said, there are other games, which are extremely popular among gamblers. For instance, games such as Stars and Pompeii are extremely popular owing to its frequent bonuses and have a long list of loyal customers. The rule is simple-high volatile games tend to pay higher, but consume money fast. They also pay hefty amount. Lower volatile games tend to give away more prizes but the value in terms of money is not much.

The Mississippi gaming commission is expected to oversee the operation of all the casinos in the area. The gaming commission is always accused of siding with the casinos rather than the ones who complain against the casinos.

Emil Lyon, Director, Gaming Commission, Mississippi dismisses all such comments. The gaming commission says that people only complain when they lose. No one ever turns up and complains against casinos when they win. The director did mention, however, that a strict check goes in on all machines that casinos use. If a slot is suspected to have been tampered with, it is instantly rejected.

Let’s look at few myths involving gambling

  1. This is a common myth that if a machine hits jackpot, then it is unlikely that it won’t do the same for quite a while. It is totally untrue. Whether a machine will hit the jackpot or not totally depends on the machine dynamics.
  2. It is widely believed that machines, which are placed near the doors tend to do well rather than the ones which are placed in a quiet place. This is also not true. There’s no proof to prove this theory.
  3. There is a myth that when a reward card is used, machines pay well. It is again not true. Paying or not paying is not dependant on reward cards.
  4. A wide section of gamblers have a misconception regarding gambling money and IRS. However, the reality is very different. If a gambler wins more than $1,200 the casino takes note of it and the winning is reported to the IRS. Anything less than $1,200 is not reported to the said authorities. An understanding is made between the casino house and the gamblers.

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