The Changing Face of Slot Machines-Then and Now!

Anyone can conclude, without a doubt that online slots have garnered a huge following with people opting for it over a land-based casino.

Slots and pokies are considered to be some of the oldest gambling games. But from their invention in the early 18th century till present, they have changed dramatically.

Earlier they were very traditional and had to be operated manually, but now you can play slots online with a click of the mouse.

With the changing environment of online casinos and live betting, it is interesting to know the history and emergence of online betting.

Slots and pokies became popular at the start of the 20th century only.

Pittman and Sachs created the first version of the slot machine in 1891. They were credited with coming up with a machine that used five drums, each showed a poker hand symbol. Interestingly, when players would win at these slots, they would be given drinks.

The slot machine that we are most acquainted with was created by Charles Fey a couple of years after the invention of Pittman and Sachs.

The unique aspect of Fey’s creation was that it offered players with payouts when they struck similar symbols.

These games became very popular with the customers. But it was not far away from these machines getting banned from anti-gaming groups who opposed the idea of spending money on gambling.

The ban was effectively enacted in the early 20th century.

Interestingly, the ban got lifted in a few years, which meant that they again gained popularity among the masses. Early 1950s saw the rise of the slot machine.

Soon after, in 1953, an Australian gaming company called Aristocrat noticed the burgeoning trend and thought of producing its brand of gaming machines.

They named it pokies and the organisation’s first machine was called the Clubman.

Casinos in Las Vegas started manufacturing electronic slot machines. They moved away from the traditional slot machines.

The electronic machines were more reliable and secure. They also ensured that the customers do not cheat easily.

Another development, which marked the rise of gaming, was the invention of random number generator instead of symbols or characters.

It made playing slots a lot more complex and unpredictable!

The turn of the decade brought with it the invention of the internet. Land-based casinos shut shop and online betting gained prominence.

Online slots gained prominence during this time. The first ones to emerge were around 2001.

Several companies such as Microgaming and more are thriving because of their online operations.

Apart from slots, these online websites also have poker, lottery, roulette and many more games to choose from. But by far, slots have been the most popular among all.

Since then, slots have become the most popular game on these betting websites.

In the online world, participants can choose from a vast range of online slots with different themes and features.

Not only that, these online betting websites offer a lot of bonuses and promotions that make gaming much more fun and interesting!

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