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When it comes to the name ‘Sopranos’, all we could think is murder, extortion, crime, money and Gangsters. Playtech invites you to explore the dark, criminal world of The Sopranos through its latest chef d’oeuvre slot machine game, ‘The Sopranos’. Plunge deep into the mysterious, crime family of the Sopranos and unveil suspense every minute. ‘The Sopranos’ is the latest addition in the never ending queue of Playtechs’ TV and movie based slot machine games and truly speaking, this slot machine game is sure to deliver you the exact thrill, slot addicts long for. Playtechs’ unimpeachable contribution towards slot machine games is inevitable and Playtech is surely a maestro in creating slot games full of adventures and thrills. The Sopranos is a blockbuster hit and one of the most popular TV shows ever made in the US and now, Playtech has brought the action packed series in the form of slot machine games, which the fans would adore playing. The Sopranos comes with lots of deadly bonuses, mysterious free spins and bloody cash rewards to make it the perfect pick for you.

The Sopranos from Playtech is a 5 Reel video slot game having 25 pay lines to maximize the winning potential for you. The game comes with dynamic, cutting-edge graphics and realistic sounds to blow your mind off. The maximum jackpot offered in The Sopranos slot machine game is a whopping $15, 00,000 if a player amasses 5 Tony Soprano symbols in a single spin.  The bonus features and free spin rounds in The Sopranos slot machine game is much thrilling and the best  part is that it makes quite regular payouts that is more lucrative to the players. The Sopranos slot machine game can be played for both free fun and real cash too. This slot game comes on an instant playable platform requiring no downloads. All the symbols in The Sopranos slot machine game makes payout for the winning sequences from the left reel to the right reel, excluding the scatter symbols that could pay for any winning sequence. The Sopranos slot machine game boasts of the same characters akin to the series such as Tony Soprano, Paulie ‘Walnuts’ Gualtieri, Christopher Moltisanti, Johnny ‘Sack’ Sacramoni as well as Bobby Baccalieri. If you fancy playing action loaded slot machine game, you would surely crave to play this thrilling slot machine game. Becoming a Mafioso is quite expensive and costs a lot, but here in The Sopranos slot game, the final verdict is yours, just yours!

Coin Sizes:

Coin size in The Sopranos slot machine game comes in multiple denominations starting from the range of $0.20 to the maximum coin size of $500 for every line wager. Players could place the maximum of 1 coin for every enabled pay line. The maximum amount of wager players could play for a single spin is a whopping $12,500 that is a huge, jaw-dropping chance to win big. Players could select between the coin sizes by clicking on the + or – symbols under the option of Line Bet. To place the maximum wager for each line and activate all 25 pay lines at once, all you need to do is simply click on ‘BET MAX.

Wild Symbols:

The Boss goes Wild in this slot machine game, being a man of words. Tony Soprano who is the boss of New York’s strongest Mafioso Soprano family is the Wild Symbol in the Sopranos slot machine game. Tony Soprano could show up on any of the five reels to make out the winning combination for the players, provided multiple symbols show up.

Scatter Symbols:

Another most powerful symbol of the Mafioso family is the Sopranos Logo. The Sopranos logo is not just powerful, but also the scatter symbol in this slot game. If a player amasses 3 or more numbers of Sopranos Scatters, then the winning stake goes up by 3 times, 10 times or even up to massive 10 times. Three or more numbers of scatters showing up on the bloody game reels also initiates the cruel bonus rounds for you to procure more.

Bonus Features

Whilst the game goes on, the Raid Bonus could initiate randomly and you are awarded with 4 distinct hideout places, but remember, only a couple of them are safe. Therefore, you need to be cent percent right to save your cash.

The Bada Bing showing up on the reels, 4, 3 and 2 initiates the meeting bonus round, where Tony Soprano calls up for a crucial meeting. As the meeting is over, you are rewarded with cash and need to select another person, or else you end up with nothing.

If a player amasses container symbols on the reels 1 and the 5th reel, then the heist chance is awarded. The player is presented with 10 containers to choose from. Only 3 could be chosen and they are going to unveil some real good cash.

Moreover, the Solider symbol rewards 25  umbers of free spins and the  Christopher symbol acts as an extra wild symbol, which if shows up on the Reel 3 will procure you more 5 free spins. The Capo symbols procure 20 free spins with the multiplier values of X5. The Boss procures you with 10 free spins and up to 5 Tony Sopranos wild.

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