This slot has no free spins but a 32x multiplier, good enough? – Big Bang Slot review

This mid/high variance slot by NetENT is a space themed slot machine which has a unique set of rules for you to hit your jackpot. Unlike the other popular slot games that offer free spins along with your regular jackpots, Big Bang does not offer any sort of free spin opportunity . Instead, the game relies on you to hit back to back wins which triggers multipliers.

A space themed slot that doesn’t offer free spins, good enough?

Here’s a quick rundown of the video slot,
Number of Reels: 5
Paylines : 25
Minimum Bet : 25p
Max Bet: £25
Free Spins : NONE

For any user to start making some serious money, he has to make sure he’s hitting his multipliers. For every win your multiplier doubles up all the way till 32x. Majority of the spins will rake you some kind of winning combination, but to get wins back to back isn’t going to be easy. Often users find themselves not going past the 4x mark.

The multiplier sequence progresses in this manner ; 1x, 2x , 3x, 6x, 8x ,16x and 32x. Wild substitutions are available and pretty easy to spot within this space themed video slot game.For players who are interested in consistent wins this would be an ideal video slot.

The graphics and animations used in this slot machine has a futuristic touch to it. The whole theme is centered around space and big bang related objects. 

Big Bang slot has a solid RTP of 96% and has been featured in multiple online casino websites for more than half a decade. often features this slot in it’s playlist and its a fan favourite the moment its out. 

Verdict : Ideally we would have posted a video on this page after having spun 10 minimum bets. to get a rough idea of how the slot performs at the time of writing this article. Unfortunately as of now, this slot isn’t being featured in any of the online casinos we’re testing. We’ll update this section as soon as we get our hands on it. 

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