Birdwatchers might love this birdie slot, would you? – Watch the Birdie slot review

Watch the Birdie is a nature theme driven slot that has been hitting the casinos a a few years back. This slot graphically is pretty basic and aims at keeping the overall slot mechanics simple. The moment you see this slot you’ll understand that this slot is aimed at birdwatchers and nature lovers. You’ll constantly see colorful birds parading themselves all over the screen after a good win. 

Here’s a quick rundown of Watch the Birdie, 

Number of Reels: 5
Paylines : 15
Minimum Bet : 25p
Max Bet: £75
Free Spins : NONE

This slot was a product of Rival gaming and can be found in online casinos in both USA and UK. Watch the birdie is aimed at those players who want to play a slot for hours without any strain. The animations are straight forward with basic and simple transitions. 

So who do you look out for?

Look out for  “bird watchers” on the reels. If three or more bird watchers appear on the reels a bonus round triggers. Unlike the other slots that are available to play, in “watch the birdie” there is a chance you end up winning nothing in the bonus round. 

Tiles appear on the screen and from the various options you’ll have to find and hatch an egg in order for any sort of multipliers to kick in. In case you aren’t able to hatch an egg by selecting the tiles on the screen, you could very well end up making nothing with that spin. Yup, that’s the downside of this slot. 

Here’s a preview of how the slot would function, 

This slot has an overall RTP of 96.6% and can be played on both PC and mobile devices. The audio and visuals are old school and minimalistic. Overall, this slot has a pretty dull bonus round but the regular spin payouts have been attracting many users over the years. Keep an eye out for when then slot is online next, you might want to avoid it if your a “bonus” kind of a person.

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