When You Hear About the Casino Games with the Best Gambling Odds, You’ll Want to Play Them Too!

It is true that different games have different odds that are not easy to beat. It all depends upon the chances of winning over the house or over other players.

Almost all the casino games are able to survive and earn by giving an edge to the house. Some casino games are known to have very low gambling odds for the house from less than 1% to more than 20% for some other games.

The two games that are considered to have best gambling odds are Blackjack and Craps. The popular casino game, Craps have odds that depend on the game and can have an even game with the house at its best.

The house gets an edge of between 11.11% and 13.89% by playing the propositions on 2 or 12 or when you are playing it for any craps. On the other hand, the house has an edge of 16.67% when a player plays for a proposition on 7.

The Odds in Craps

When you are playing Craps conservatively, the odds can be much more favourable for you. For instance, at 1x odds, Craps gives the house an edge of 0.85% only, while most of the houses give a liberty of 2x odds play, which means, you can place an odds bet that is double your pass line bet.

Furthermore, when you play at 2x odds, the edge of the house comes down to 0.61% and the houses that permit higher odds gets lower house edge of about 0.32% at 5x and 0.18% at 10x. It can even come down to 0.02% at 100x, which makes it an even game with the house.

Odds in Blackjack

If you can observe the cards accurately, then this game can have a low house edge. In blackjack, the odds considerably and quickly change with the increase in the amount of deck with which you are playing.

With a single deck, the house edge in just about 0.20% that further increases to 0.35% when playing with two decks.

Finally, the house edge reaches to 0.63% when playing with a full eight deck play. All these odds are dependent on the basic game of blackjack that assumes a gamer to know when to double, split and stand.

When you are playing blackjack while counting cards, you’ll have an edge between 1% and 2%. However, card counters are not legal in many casinos and the authorities keenly look out for such nuisance gamers. So, unless you can count very discreetly, it’s something that you may want to avoid until you’re really good at it.


Therefore, blackjack and craps are conventionally the two most renowned casino games with best gambling odds.

However, you can also try playing other casino games that offer strong player odds with fair wins. For instance, in Baccarat and Pai Gow Poker, players have the liberty to act as a banker and pay out a particular percentage of their earning to the house.

It is usually 5% and the player keeps the rest. With this, you can get the best opportunity to increase the odds and win the game fairly.

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