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NetEnt Slots The Wish MasterWish Master is an online video slot newly released as part of the NetEnt initiative. NetEnt is a leading company, which develops and provides gaming software. It has an international presence with operations in Sweden, Gibraltar, Ukraine and Malta. It believes in responsible gaming and adheres to rigorous rules when it comes to underage gambling.

If you like amazing graphics, which give you the opportunity to explore adventures in a game, Wish Master video slot is the right game for you. The game not only provides fun twists and plots, but also engages the player with some of its appealing symbols like the wild and scatter symbols.

It also offers exciting bonus games. Apart from these amazing symbols, the video slot also offers the Wish Master feature, which is thrilling in its own way. The goal of the game is to collect as many Lamp symbols as possible.

Wish Master video slot has a total of 20 lines and can be downloaded on your computer. You can bet a minimum of €20 per pay line and a maximum of €200 per pay line. The game is suitable for high and medium rollers.

Wish Master video slot offers all the players a fairly good chance to earn big. The game becomes interesting and the winning becomes bigger when you have a couple of special symbols in your possession. Once you collect more and more features, you increase your chances of winning bigger wins.


Wish Master online video slot has an interesting theme, which is fun and exciting. The colour scheme is black and green. It has an eerie and chilling effect once you play it. Every time when you come across a scatter symbol, a genie appears out of the lamp. Once this happens, you are entitled to use new items and experience new animations. The graphics as well as the sound quality are gripping!


There are several symbols in the Wish Master video slot, which makes the game interesting. Some of them include the wild and the scatter symbols. Others include the Lamp, alternative and random wild symbols, multipliers and expanding wild symbols. All these are important at different stages of the game. The biggest symbol is called the Green Scorpion, which will provide you maximum wins.

The Magic Lamp Symbol

One of the crucial symbols of the game is the magic lamps. If you encounter any one of the Magic Lamps on any of the reels, then it activates a special feature. These added special features include the wild and multiplier symbols. With the help of the magic lamp, you can activate around three features only!

Wild Symbols

The wild symbol is probably the most important symbol in the entire game. It has the unique characteristic to replace all the other symbols in the reels and provide winning combinations.

The Scatter Symbol

This symbol acts as one of the most important symbols in the entire game. It provides for winning combinations and helps you win big.

The Spin Feature

Wish Master online video slot also offers the option of a spin feature. Though you will have to pay for every spin that you use, it is totally worth it! Once the special features get activated, you can utilise them on your successive spins.

Customer Care @ NetEnt

The customer care at NetEnt is friendly and supportive. If you have any issues playing any of their games, you can get in touch with them through e-mail, post or phone. They are efficient and will solve your problems in a matter of a few hours. You can also post feedback on their official website.

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